cariflavor Caribbean Cuisine

FOOD DESCRIPTION                          

The Caribbean nation of Trinidad and Tobago is known for its superb Cuisine. Their love of spices make their food a favorite among local and tourists.

Fiery curry dishes , with roti flatbreads served with meats and chick peas or vegetables are extremely popular meals.

Trinidad cuisine is indicative of the blends of Indian, Creole, Amerindian, European and Chinese influences. The many natural spices that are used

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Roti features prominently in the diet of many West Indian countries, especially Trinidad and Tobago, Guyana and Suriname. There are several types of Roti made in the West Indies, but none can top that of a Trinidad Roti. Roti, is bread brought by the early Indian Settlers of the sub-continent and over a period of time has morphed in to this island delicacy. Wrapped tightly around various braised curries of chicken, shrimp, chick peas, and sweet potato, this dish is the perfect meal on the go; after all, there are places to go and people to meet. Just a word of advice, this dish is not for the faint-hearted so be sure to have your glass of Sorrel or Maubi on hand.

Trinidad curried chicken is a dish that is a favorite not only in Trinidad, but around most of the world. Every Island has their version of curry. Trinidad curry is truly the Caribbean’s best. The East Indians came to this part of the world after slavery was abolished. Their cuisine went through a metamorphosis and the curry that we cook today bears no resemblance to the ones from India and Pakistan.