cariflavor Caribbean Cuisine

The Paul’s family is truly gifted and highly talented.

Keith the head of the family has a double Master’s degree ( Commuincation and Human Resource Management)

Lisa has a degree in Health Science.

Eddie has a natural ability to succeed in anything he does

Joshua has a degree in music engineering

Cemone is completing her degree at U.T Knoxville.

Throughout our adventure of 25 years of being entrepreneurs we’ve always had an attraction to the food business. Although the food business was not always our only focus we did clothing for 13 years after owning a pizzeria and grocery store. Clothing was great, fun, and exciting business. Our stylish kids loved the clothing business. For some reason we all, my wife and I especially adored the food business. We have owned a successful pizzeria and grocery store. Our inspiration for the food business has always been the many and different variety of foods and cultures. We decided to step outside the box and not just do the expected American food but to give Memphis, America a delicious taste of Caribbean food. Instead of settling in one restaurant in one location we decided to put it on wheels and travel all over America to give everyone a Caribbean experience. From since the early days of living in Trinidad, the Paul's family has always been a truly gifted family. Many members of the family excelled in music while living in Trinidad, and was some of the most sought after musicians by bands on the island. Many of the family members migrated to the U.S.A. and their children continue to show the same gifted traits. Some of this generation children have followed career such as acting, wrestling and in the music business.  
Keith- The Trinidadian Master Mind: Keith has always been the man to bring every vision to life, from the pizzeria to the grocery store to the clothing and now to the food truck. Keith was born and raised in Trinidad. In 1984 he migrated to the U.S. A. Two years later he moved to Memphis Tennessee. His longing for his Caribbean dishes and the noticeable lacking of Caribbean food in Memphis led to Cariflavor. With the many recipes he garnered from his Grandmother and Mother, he taught it to Lisa and now Cariflavor is born. 
Keith obtained his BA in Communication from the U of M. Master's in Human Resource Management from Webster University and a Master's in Communication from Webster University. Among his many talents, he is a broadcaster, voice over specialist, writer of erotic stories and entrepreneur.

Lisa- The Astounding Cook: In 1986 I took a trip to New York with Keith and tasted her first Roti. Being the oldest of 12, cooking was not an option, of course these dishes were all American food; upon eating Roti, she was inspired to start cooking more diverse foods. Lisa has always been the woman in the kitchen and of the kitchen, cooking any and everything that’ll have your mouth watering before and after you eat. Her delicious food, aside from being an astounding cook; Lisa has always been the foundation for every business, with her southern hospitality making the atmosphere so loving and welcome. Behind every successful business there beholds a woman holding everything together.
Lisa obtained her degree in Health Sciences. Among her many talents, she is a cosmetologist and entrepreneur.

Joshua obtained his degree in musical engineering, and is working on a musical career. He also produces videos and has added photography to his long lists of talents.

Eddie, Joshua, & Monica- The Bridge Builders

Our 4 kids worked alongside us. Our sons Eddie and Joshua started way back when we opened our pizzeria. Our oldest daughter, Monica came in when we started the clothing business. They all worked hard and helped build all our businesses.

Cemone- The Young Helpful Hand:Last but not least our big helper. Cemone started out in our businesses very young at 6. At 6 she couldn’t do everything but helped with everything from the construction of the trailer, the second hand cook in the kitchen and with the behind scene business side. She is in her third year of college

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